Favorite TED talks - Sir Kenneth Robinson - about education

Favorite TED talks - Sir Kenneth Robinson - about education

Sir Ken Robinson - is the author, international speaker and advisor on development of creative thinking, education and innovation in government and public organizations. Perhaps my favorite performances at TED. Incredibly comically talks about the origins of the educational system and what challenges these same sources, engender (even in the most developed countries). The purpose of Sir Ken Robinson's speech is to explain to people that the original purpose of the educational systems, for which they were created, why they are pulling humanity down and are not suitable for people of the future (which we are).

  1. Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
  2. Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!
  3. Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley.

Watch all three performances, you will not get bored)) I personally revised his first appearance probably 10 times or more. Excellent practice of of English language by the way (subtitles are present in ANY language, but I would recommend to watch in the original).


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