TDD and why it's so important! Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin)

TDD and why it's so important! Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin)

I must confess, i didn't wanted to implement TDD because i was confused (and maybe a little bit lazy) to write the code that "didn't produce anything". But Uncle Bob's philosophy, wich i liked btw, reminded me expression from Carlos Castaneda's book. Here it is :

"Things doesn't change, changes only our view on them."

From this day, i'm starting to implement TDD to my projects. Uncle Bob sad that, implementing TDD in to the already written applications it's "insane, not worth it". But i will do it, let's say - for self-improvement. I'll start with my latest project "Conversation App".

I recommend to all, watch the video below. If you doubt the usefulness of tests and existing arguments don't convince you, Uncle Bob will help you to look at it in another way, so much so that you'll have to search for a reasons to not follow TDD (in advance shall warn you, laziness - it's not a reason). And along the way you will learn many interesting stuff about architecture and features of architecture of app.

Watch the video below.


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